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Bathroom Renovations Caboolture

We do High-Quality Bathroom Renovations in Caboolture and Sunshine Coast

Our well-trained labour force is fully insured and adequately qualified to undertake your bathroom renovations in Caboolture. We work hard to ensure that you receive an optimal service which will leave you delighted with your new bathroom. Call us to find out more.

Deck Repairs

Are you considering deck repairs to your Sunshine Coast or Caboolture region home?

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Are you in need or reliable home maintenance 


For a high-end plasterer on the Sunshine Coast, come to Clayton Property 

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What Sets Clayton Property Maintenance Apart Regarding Renovations in Caboolture?

We can point out what you need to do to create a renovation that really works. As you know, the bathroom and kitchen are key areas on every property, need to have enough storage space, and must be functional, convenient, and pleasant to use.

  • A bathroom needs proper ventilation, so you may wish to install a fan if you don’t always want to keep a window open. You certainly need to prevent paint damage and mould build-up, and that requires eliminating moisture in the air after a shower or bath.

  • We can advise you regarding space-saving methods and safety issues by making practical suggestions. A smaller, textured shower tile entails more grout and will prevent slipping on a wet, soapy floor, and you need good lighting and appropriately placed mirrors if someone in the family prefers to do hair and make-up in the bathroom.

  • Refurbishing a kitchen entails several factors that need to be considered if you want it to be a happy, functional space. Some questions that need to be answered are who will be using the kitchen most often, which layout will best suit the size and shape of the room to provide enough movement and storage space, the path between the kitchen sink, food storage space, and stove, as well as the optimum positioning of appliances and cabinetry.

Ergonomics is another crucial factor when doing renovations. We suggest you use the opportunity to customise the height of cabinets, countertops, and shelving.

What Sets Clayton Property Maintenance Apart Regarding Renovations in Caboolture?

If you’re planning on renting out your property, you undoubtedly want to augment its appeal and value. Likewise, you clearly want your business or commercial property to make a good impression.​

  • We will gladly assist if you need advice regarding the required permits and legal aspects involved in a renovation or addition to your residence or commercial property.

  • We do sterling maintenance work above and beyond renovations and other construction projects. Find out how we can help you by repairing fences, plaster and drywall, paint your structure, do general carpentry, take care of installations, and replace locks and doors – to name a few.

  • We will clear the site of rubbish and building debris once the job has been completed. Council tips rates are charged for this service.

We have more than fifteen years’ experience, and you can trust us to provide you with the outcome you want.


What You Should Know About Clayton Property Improvements & Maintenance

We believe in open communication with our clients, and in building an ongoing relationship that begins on the first day and lasts until we know that you’re delighted with the work we’ve done.


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