Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations on the Sunshine Coast

High-Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations on the Sunshine Coast


With us, you can enjoy kitchen and bathroom renovations on the Sunshine Coast done by highly trained and knowledgeable tradesmen. If you have been dreaming about renovating a room in your house, consider coming to Clayton Property Maintenance for a hard-working team that will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy with your newly renovated room.










Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Sunshine Coast Bathroom Renovations


Here are a few mistakes that people often make when renovating a bathroom, and tips for how to avoid making the same mistakes in your own bathroom.


  • Improper ventilation. If you want to avoid condensation build up and you don’t like leaving windows open in your bathroom, then installing a fan in your Sunshine Coast bathroom renovations project is one of the best ways to avoid mould build-up and damaged paint. Your new fan should run for roughly 15 minutes after you get out of the shower or bath to properly extract the moisture from the air.

  • Bad lighting. Your bathroom doesn’t just have to be a dimly lit, or a dull room where you clean yourself and get out. With some fantastic lighting and big mirrors, you can easily turn your bathroom into a mini spa in your home where you will enjoy having a luxurious bath and spending some time putting makeup on or doing your hair every day.


By avoiding these mistakes when doing Sunshine Coast bathroom renovations, you are more likely to end up with a bathroom that you love.







Key Questions to Ask Clayton Property Maintenance About Kitchen Renovations on the Sunshine Coast


Here are a few questions that you are free to ask us before we start working together to help put your mind at ease.


  • Ask to see examples of previous work. By looking at a portfolio of previous jobs, you can see for yourself what the quality of the work is, and you can decide based on actual evidence. For a quick look at previous jobs we have done, take a look at our gallery or read our testimonials to find out what our past clients think about our work.

  • Ask who exactly will be working in your house. You need a good idea of the general sense of safety within your home when strangers are walking around working on your kitchen. Ask to meet the project manager and make sure that you will feel comfortable with that person in your house for the duration of the project.

  • Ask which permits you will need to have everything done legally. We will be able to give you advice about where and how to secure any permits you may need. Our professional team is happy to answer any questions to might have so we can make your life as stress-free as possible.












Why Trust Clayton Property Maintenance Regarding Kitchen Renovations on the Sunshine Coast


In the 12 months since our business opened officially and our overall 15 years of experience, we have done tonnes of research, and we have worked on many projects which have taught us many inside tricks about doing kitchen renovations on the Sunshine Coast properly. We are not a one-man business, and we have ensured that each member of our team brings something unique to the table.


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