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Repair or Change Your Space With Fast Plasterboard Wall Installation

Plasterboard wall installation looks easy when you see the blokes on TV do it, but is it something you can invest the time and effort into doing yourself? For some homeowners, there's simply no time or energy to do so. For other property owners and body corporates, it is the type of job that demands a skilled touch and an experienced hand. There are many occasions when a resource for such professional services comes in handy. A tenant may stumble and fall against a wall in their apartment, leaving a massive hole in the plasterboard. You may wish to subdivide a larger housing unit by erecting a partition to create a new room. For any of these services, the team at Clayton Property Maintenance is a valuable asset. We're no "one-man-band" — we're a cohesive team of professionals ready to deliver a valuable service.

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The Benefits of a Plasterboard Wall Repair by Clayton Property Maintenance

When plasterboard suffers damage, it's an immediate source of stress. There's something inherently distressing about seeing a hole in the wall, especially a large one. Creating an effective repair may, therefore, feel like a matter of urgency. What are the advantages of the repairs to plasterboard we provide?

  • We are thorough and detail-oriented. We begin by assessing the damage and determining the best way to repair, whether it is a patch or a complete replacement of the plasterboard panel.

  • We are cost-effective and do not overcharge, but especially not for such simple services. Clayton Property Maintenance is a valuable solution for fixing accidents in the home without breaking the bank.

  • Our team takes care to blend the repair into your existing home. We're happy to assist in paint-matching to avoid an unsightly discoloured splotch on your walls.

By the time our work is through, you won't even know there was ever damage in the first place.

Questions to Ask Clayton Property Maintenance About Partition Wall Installation

Alongside repairs, we also install plasterboard and provide carpentry for the framing of new, non-load bearing walls and partitions. Should you need to create a new space within a property, what are some of the most important questions you should answer first?

  • How long will it take to frame and finish a partition wall installation? While adding a new plasterboard partition may seem like a major job, it may surprise you to learn how quickly we can complete the work.

  • Is it possible to keep sound from transferring through the partition? Establishing privacy may be an important part of creating a new partition.

  • Can you assist us with creating multiple partitions? With experience working with body corporates and property managers, we can scale our capabilities to your need.

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About Clayton Property Maintenance

A fresh and motivated team of professionals, we made our start with a simple goal: provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, and higher-end handyman service for residential and commercial properties alike. With a wealth of experience in providing services through body corporate maintenance contracts and more, we have a full listing of services to offer. Ask us today how we can help.

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