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Property Maintenance Sunshine Coast

Property Maintenance on the Sunshine Coast is Critical for Property Value


Property maintenance on the Sunshine Coast is key to maintaining and increasing your property value. Regular maintenance saves you time and money, keeps your buildings in top shape, and makes your property appear welcoming to visitors.










What You Should Know About Building Maintenance on the Sunshine Coast


Maintaining your home or other property buildings can take a lot of time and effort. The effort is worth it, whether you do it yourself or hire a property maintenance company for the following reasons:

  • Safety – Regularly checking that all doors, windows, and locks are hanging and functioning correctly are essential to maintaining the safety of your property. Maintaining doors and locks ensures your family or employees feel safe at home or work. Windows and doors that hang properly send a message to visitors and clients that you care about your property and that care extends to them.

  • Prevent large scale repairs – Hiring a Sunshine Coast building maintenance will save you time and money in the long term. Having someone else maintain your property allows you to spend your time building your business or with your family rather than painting or completing landscaping. A professional will identify and fix small issues before they become extensive repairs. Making a small repair to a leaking tap is a lot less expensive than replacing an entire water line and repairing the associated water damaged areas.

  • Building condition – Regular building inspections and maintenance will keep your building in top shape. Avoiding deterioration increases building aesthetics and real estate value. Not to mention your property looks excellent and welcoming.











How Clayton Property Maintenance can benefit you


We offer a wide range of property maintenance services to our Sunshine Coast clients.


  • Rental property makeovers – We can help you increase the value and appeal of your rental property by fixing plaster or drywall, interior and exterior painting, and landscaping.

  • Handyman services – Our Sunshine Coast property maintenance and handyman services can include general carpentry, flyscreen repairs, installations of appliances and much more. We just need your list!

  • Commercial Services – You want a business that looks good and inviting. Regular maintenance will achieve that welcoming look, with yard work, fence repairs, painting, functioning doors and locks, and other maintenance tasks under control.


Why Trust Clayton Property Maintenance Regarding Body Corporate Maintenance on the Sunshine Coast


At Clayton Property Maintenance, we focus on providing professional, courteous service, that is not complete until you are satisfied.


  • We have over fifteen years’ experience performing property repair and maintenance from simple tasks such as pressure cleaning to more complex undertakings like deck or pergola repairs and re-coating. Having a professional take care of your regular property maintenance tasks allows you to focus on more critical tasks like building your business or playing with your kids.

  • Our experience with gardens, landscaping and yard maintenance will keep your property safe, looking tidy and welcoming. Our clients trust us with scrub and hedge trimming, irrigation installation and repairs in their gardens.

  • Our clients trust us. Whether we are performing regular maintenance work or full bathroom renovations, we get the job done and ensure our customers are satisfied with the result.














Why You Should Use Clayton Property Maintenance


At Clayton Property Maintenance, you are working directly with the company owner. We are fully insured, will answer any questions or concerns you have about your property and are happy to offer free quotes.

Contact us to discuss your property needs.